TissueInformatics.Inc™ is the only company providing Tissue Information Solutions, a comprehensive, fully integrated set of tools to quickly and easily capture, analyze, search and mine the rich data present in tissue. Tissue Information Solutions create new knowledge and bring greater speed and accuracy for better decisions in scientific research and development.

Each customizable Tissue Information Solution is based upon TissueInformatics' unique Quantf(x) technology platform. Quantf(x) is applied to automatically identify and quantify any feature ( ) of interest in a customer-specified tissue investigation ( ). Quantf(x) takes tissue information to the next power by replacing existing manual processes that are subjective and time-consuming. Archived, high-resolution images are linked with quantitative descriptions of tissue structure and function in a flexible data format for analysis and correlation with other biological data.

TissueInformatics.Inc™ pioneered "tissue informatics," the segment of bioinformatics focused on tissue information. Tissue information is comprised of the components and organizational patterns of tissue features – human, plant or animal – that can be made visible, objectively analyzed and recorded.

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Our Tissue Information Solutions enable the rapid, reliable comparison of tissues, provide a new platform for understanding disease and drug effects, and can be further enriched when correlated with genomic, proteomic and other data.

Provides rapid,
automated, accurate
image processing and
biological feature

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